Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Well Well Well...

It has been far too long since my last update.

We are enjoying the new house and hopefully expanding my gun collection with the CZ 527 in 7.62x39. I don't have really much else going in my life, work is going ok and I need to shoot more (we all knew that). A lack of good gun ranges around me is starting to hinder my life choices. Just know much love to all you folks and stay dangerous.

I am still playing games as much as possible and the Division is finally due out in March. Also, Fallout 4 has been a wonderful treat.

No matter what, enjoy what you do!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hey All

Mainly haven't written because I have been lazy and forgot about the blog. I have been playing a lot of games and enjoying the family. I got me a PS4 and have been enjoying the hell out of it. The games I am getting are Watchdogs and Destiny. I am going to try and get a few more before the year is up.

The game I know I am getting in 2015 is The Division.
Here is some Watchdogs gameplay.
Then a little sprikle of Destiny
Please enjoy yourselves.

Friday, May 17, 2013

This Is What I Get From Obama In My Email

Dear Brent:

Thank you for taking the time to write.  I have heard from many Americans regarding firearms policy and gun violence in our Nation, and I appreciate your perspective.  From Aurora to Newtown to the streets of Chicago, we have seen the devastating effects gun violence has on our American family.  I join countless others in grieving for all those whose lives have been taken too soon by gun violence.

I do too, but not trample what made America great. Stop using the crazy few to step on the law abiding many.

Like the majority of Americans, I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms.  In this country, we have a strong tradition of gun ownership that has been handed down from generation to generation.  Hunting and sport shooting are part of our national heritage.  Yet, even as we acknowledge that almost all gun owners in America are responsible, when we look at the devastation caused by gun violence—whether in high-profile tragedies or the daily heartbreak that plagues our cities—we must ask ourselves whether we are doing enough.

I think we do plenty, I own several guns and a child in my home and she has never once been in harm’s way from it. It is a tool, and inanimate object with no free will of its own. It can only cause evil when used by evil.

While reducing gun violence is a complicated challenge, protecting our children from harm should not be a divisive one.  Most gun owners agree that we can respect the Second Amendment while keeping an irresponsible, law-breaking few from inflicting harm on a massive scale.  Most also agree that if we took commonsense steps to curtail gun violence, there would be fewer atrocities like the one that occurred in Newtown.  We will not be able to stop every violent act, but if there is even one thing we can do to reduce gun violence—if even one life can be saved—then we have an obligation to try.

You are for the children, correct? Then why allow the slaughter of millions in the name of abortion? If you had your way I would have to pay for even though I don’t agree with it?

That is why I asked Vice President Joe Biden to identify concrete steps we can take to keep our children safe, help prevent mass shootings, and reduce the broader epidemic of gun violence in this country.  He met with over 200 groups representing a broad cross-section of Americans and heard their best ideas.  I have put forward a specific set of proposals based off of his efforts, and in the days ahead, I intend to use whatever weight this office holds to make them a reality.

Keep Biden in charge it is doing us a favor. I am sure the “broad cross section” of America probably leans a little to the Left, but that is just an observation.

My plan gives law enforcement, schools, mental health professionals, and the public health community some of the tools they need to help reduce gun violence.  These tools include strengthening the background check system, helping schools hire more resource officers and counselors and develop emergency preparedness plans, and ensuring mental health professionals know their options for reporting threats of violence.  And I directed the Centers for Disease Control to study the best ways to reduce gun violence—because it is critical that we understand the science behind this public health crisis.  From improving mental health services to looking more closely at a culture that too often glorifies violence, we must leave no stone unturned when working to keep Americans safe.

Background checks are already in place almost all gun crimes are not committed with legally obtained guns. Hiring resource officers and counselors isn’t going to help; it is throwing money at the issue. You can’t stop an attack by cowering in a corner; it must be met with greater force. I understand you can’t get everyone to think this way. That is why our country is split, this is also an issue.

As important as these steps are, they are not a substitute for action from Congress.  To make a real and lasting difference, members of Congress must also act.  As part of my comprehensive plan, I have called on them to pass some specific proposals right away.  First, it is time to require a universal background check for anyone trying to buy a gun.  Second, Congress should renew the 10-round limit on magazines and reinstate and strengthen the assault weapons ban.  We should get tougher on those who buy guns with the purpose of selling them to criminals, and we should impose serious punishments on anyone who helps them do this.

     1.     They do background checks now. 
     2.       10 rounds just means the person has to buy more magazines and reload more often. 
     3.       The last ban was more than enough; criminals still use automatic weapons they modified  illegally or obtained through illegal measures. This falls into the realm of the importation of illegal items.
    4.       There is no way to determine who is going to sell guns to criminals; I can bet that those people don’t get them from their local gun store.

These are reasonable, commonsense measures that have the support of the majority of the American people.  But change will not come unless the American people demand it from their lawmakers.  Now is the time to do the right thing for our children, our communities, and the country we love.  We owe the victims of heartbreaking national tragedies and the countless unheralded tragedies each year nothing less than our best effort—to seek consensus in order to save lives and ensure a brighter future for our children.

These are knee-jerk reactions to tragedies that have happened. I love this country enough to stand up for what my fore fathers believed in and fight to the death to protect it!

Thank you, again, for writing.  I encourage you to visit www.WhiteHouse.gov/NowIsTheTime to learn more about my Administration’s approach.

No thanks I don’t willingly read spam.


Barack Obama

Dear Obama,

Kiss my ass! It is all lies and we both know it. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ jack ass. Or if you want a more recent historical reference. "Come and take it!"



PS - I really didn't mean that sincerely part.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Holy Hell

Wow, I never realized it has been almost 7 months since I last posted here. I apologize for that, but I have been busy with real life. I haven't had anything interesting to post about either, I did have to sell one of my guns, but it isn't a big deal and I have plenty more. I do need to get out and shoot more, I have been a couple times in the last few months so I have done better. I just need to get better at handling my weapon's recoil and hitting what I aim at. I found out I am terrible, but I have not sighted the gun in properly either. I really need to get out there and enjoy my guns more.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope all you guys out there in internetland had a great Christmas. I know I did; I got to see all my family and my daughter had a great time as well. I got a new gun (pics to come), a hunting game for my Wii, and some food items. I got to play a lot of games and hope to test my new gun out in the coming weeks. I got three new Xbox games as well; Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. I can't wait to try them all out. Let me know how your Christmas went.

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Gun

I got an early Christmas present and that is a sweet SA (single action) .22LR revolver from Heritage. I will post pictures as soon as I can, and hopefully a range report to follow. I need to get one on the SKS as well. I may just have to have a gun day sometime soon; now that the range should be finished renovating.

Black Friday Stupid

I heard about that lady that pepper sprayed a bunch of people at a Wal-Mart in LA. How come this shit happens in places with high numbers of selfish assholes? Well, I just answered my own questions didn't I?

I can't stand people like this; and this is why I will never move to a place even close to that size ever. I just can't stand stupid jerks like that. When you place a half price Xbox above the health of complete strangers you are a piece of shit! I am no bleeding heart, save the world, hold hands and coexist type of person; because I know that will never happen, ever.

 At least treat people with some respect, you don't have to like them; but let's not go assaulting everyone over what amounts to nothing in the long run. I think things like this are the reason I like staying home and watching movies and playing video games, I have less of a chance of dealing with self-centered douche bags.

You can run into them playing games, but you can just leave the game. I am just saying let’s not kill each other over dumb shit at least not as dumb as entertainment. Let’s make it something good, such as food and water after the apocalypse.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I love change!

Taken from Battlefieldo.com

A new video has surfaced on youtube showing the Soldier Customization in the retail build of Battlefield 3. Seems like each pattern is an unlock and it’s great to see this level of customization finally hitting the Battlefield series. Here you can see a total of 12 Camo Patterns on the US Assault Class. With this many on launch, it is evident that we can expect to see many more being added in future patches / DLC’s. Thanks to GiGaB@yt for the headsup.

EDIT: Pictures no longer available.